God and the World – The Old Name Day Cup and Its History

At the beginning of the last century memory cups were very fashionable. They were used on Name Day, First Holy Communion, … on practically every occasion in life.
The cup on the card is from my grandfather and was given to him by his little daughter at his name day in 1919. Not only did he hold it in high esteem, but he also used it regularly, not only on his name day, November 3rd, the feast day of St. Hubertus. It withstood the bombing raids during the Second World War and then moved with him to my parents‘ new apartment. As always, it was also his breakfast cup there. For me as a small child, the greatest thing was to have breakfast with him. The best thing about it, of course, was the pampering by Grandpa. Since he could no longer bite the crust of the bread, he cut it off and soaked it in the coffee – of course in this cup. And he also cut off the crust of my bread and soaked it in his cup. What grandpa ate also tasted much better than what I got myself. Mother of course saw it differently, I should chew properly, with the young, strong teeth.

For me are many beautiful memories associated with this cup and today it stands on a place of honour in my kitchen.