God and the World – Mission or What a Chocolate Cake made me realize

Some thoughts on the Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019

A few years ago I bought a new baking tin. In the box was also a recipe for a chocolate cake and seemed to be very good. As I had all ingredients I tried the recipe immediately. After a short time the whole apartment was filled with the wonderful smell of chocolate. Next day I shared the cake with my colleagues in the office and told them enthusiastically about the recipe and the new baking tin.
Later I asked myself critically whether I was so enthusiastic about my faith. Of course chocolate cake and faith have nothing in common and cannot be compared. But if I am talking about unimportant things like a chocolate cake why so little about my faith which is so important to me?
Since then this chocolate cake has always been an encouragement for me to talk about God and the World and I hope that other people – to stick with the image of a chocolate cake – also get a taste for it.