God and the World – Introduced: SVD-Partner Germany

Mission house St. Michael in Steyl

Under „God and the World“ SVD-Partner in Düsseldorf report during the campaign #himmelsleuchten. The lay partners of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) are now be briefly introduced here.

SVD-Partner Germany are part of a family: Divine Word Missionaries (SVD), Missionary Sisters, the Adoration Sisters, numerous groups associated by the Divine Word Missionaries and groups of friends and partners. The dwell of this diverse commitment is the founder, St. Arnold Janssen, and the founding generation.
SVD-Partner are an associated group of SVD Germany and one of many groups in the world that participate spiritually in a special in the life of the SVD.

Who we are – We are people like you and me. Our biographies and way of life are very different but we have one in common: the spirituality of the Divine Word Missionaries strengthens our faith and determine our behaviour.
What we want – Bringing the Gospel to everybody, being a fellow for the discriminated, working for peace and protecting the environment are our main targets.
Our inspiration – Living christian faith in community, supported and accompanied by the group strengthens each member. Prayer, meetings and religious excercises unites our group. Every monday we read the prologue of the gospel of Saint John, a prayer of blessing and quarter hour prayer by Saint Arndold Janssen.
Welcome – You want to know more? Please contact us.


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