God and the World – Sternsinger

You meet Sternsinger (children dressed as the three magicians) every year in January. Why a report about them now in summer? Well, the preparations for the nationwide campaign 2020 are in full swing. Some things like the opening event have to be planned early, and everything has to do with Düsseldorf.
The campaign is supported by the catholic children’s aid organisation „Die Sternsinger“ and the German catholic youth organization Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ). BDKJ’s federal office is based in Düsseldorf. The Catholic youth has been involved since the beginning of the campaign in the early 1960s. Since then many children and young people bring the blessing „C+M+B“* to the people and collect money for children in need. And since then the employees of the BDKJ prepare together with the organisation „Die Sternsinger“ everything from the information material to the opening event.
So, when the reports about Sternsinger visiting the Federal President flicker across the screen again in January, you know that Düsseldorf is also involved.

*Christus mansionem benedicat – May Christ bless this house
Photo: Archiv des Jugendhauses Düsseldorf

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