God and the World – Making of SVDLP Newsletter Or …

…  How Volunteers Make an International Newsletter
One editorial office, six offices in Asia, Africa, America and Europe and many, many reporters on all five continents – these are the details that are good for an advertising folder. Although the newsletter of the lay groups of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) does not need advertising, the SVDLP-Newsletter is definitely worth a report during #himmelsleuchten – not least because an editorial desk is located in Düsseldorf.
Everything started small even if the goal was big: the SVD lay groups (SVDLP) should get to know each other better and learn more about their work and initiatives. Three people were responsible for the first newsletter starting in 2016. This meant a lot of work on few shoulders as the newsletter is bilingual (English, Spanish).
The work grew quickly and so did their own aspirations. Therefore a six-member editorial team was built in 2018. The editorial team is: Editor-in-Chief Susan Noronha (India), Matilda Anim-Fofie (Ghana), Laura Inés Díez Bilbao (Spain), Giannini Sahagun Becerra (Mexico), Fabian Pagaduan (The Philippines) and Sophie Wego (Germany). The teamwork is easy for everyone because they know each other personally since an international workshop of the SVD laypartners in Italian Nemi in autumn 2017.
Until the newsletter can be published numerous e-mails must be written and arrangements made, reports submitted and translated, photos searched and found. In order for volunteer work to work well everyone has to stick to deadlines and pull together. „The teamwork is very enriching“, says editor-in-chief Susan Noronha and emphasizes: „It is the joint effort of the group to work together as a team for the common cause and mission“.
Oh yes, and in Düsseldorf the newsletters are compiled from the many editorial contributions.


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  1. Thank you too Maria for your appreciation of the team. As I mentioned to Susan and Sophie who are the top Editors, they or we and you too Maria are following the Mission footsteps of our Patron St. Arnold Janssen, who was performing the same Mission Propagation and animation via Newsletters and Magazines. Truly we are Lay Missionaries of Jesus the Divine Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, all for the Mission of God to the World.
    Fabian Pagaduan
    Lay Society of St. Arnold Janssen

  2. Dear Maria,
    Thank you very much for sharing the inside story in the making of the SVDLP Newsletter visible in Düssel-Post -Gott und die Welt – God and the World- column. “One editorial office, six offices in Asia, Africa, America and Europe and many, many reporters from all five continents” …that too on voluntary basis! Believe it or not, it is strikingly true!! It is truly incredible to work with amazing editorial team – Laura, Fabian, Gianini, Matilda and Sophie.
    May God richly bless you and your family for the wonderful work you do for His people and for His mission. May the love of Christ impel you to be rooted in the Word, and committed to His mission.
    God bless!

  3. As part of this fabulous editorial team of SVDLP Newsletter I want to thank you for this recognition, but this Newsletter would not be possible without enthusiasm and drive of the entire team, and the Holy Spirit contest. He allowed us to meet at Nemi and live a very enriching experience. It allows us to continue walking in each of the areas of extensive missionary work, and one fundamental dimension is communication. Thank you for valuing and publicizing this work, so that the message of love and fraternity in the Mission continues to spread throughout the world. Thank you, Maria, and all the laity of the SVD-Partner in Düsseldorf. A fraternal hug from Spain!

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