God and the World – himmelsleuchten

No, I haven’t forgotten the hashtag because there are also moments that don’t belong to the program of the campaign #himmelsleuchten but are a himmelsleuchten, a heaven glow. This morning I was allowed to experience such a heaven glow.
First of all for all who don’t live in Germany: It is currently hot in summer. The plants in the streets of the city suffer from the heat. This morning I saw a homeless man you can always meet on this part of the street. Many know him and often they buy him a cup of coffee at the nearby bakery. This morning he was working under a tree in a crouched posture. As I approached I saw that he had a bottle of water in his hands and was watering the small flowers that had been planted around the tree. He did this very carefully and concentrated. A beautiful scene, a himmelsleuchten!

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