God and the World – Have you heard about Ludwig Wolker?

He was a Bavarian through and through and yet an important personality in the Rhineland: Ludwig Wolker (1887-1955). In 1928 he succeeded Carl Mosterts in the office of the general president of the Catholic Young Men’s Association (KJMVD) and came from Munich to Düsseldorf. From his office in the headquarter in Düsseldorf he led the KJMVD in the stormy times of the Weimar Republic and National Socialism. He continued to work on behalf of the German bishops in the youth pastoral care after the prohibition of KJMVD in 1939. After World War II the German bishops ordered him to reconstruct catholic youth pastoral care. When the Federal Association of German Catholic Youth – Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ) was founded in 1947 he became the first Federal Praeses (males). Since the headquarter in Düsseldorf was destroyed Wolker worked from Altenberg. Until his resignation in 1952 he took care that a new headquarter was built on Carl-Mosters-Platz in Düsseldorf.
Like Mosterts Wolker was also the General President of the catholic sport association DJK. After the Second World War he was not only significantly involved in its reestablishment but also in the foundation of the German Sports Federation (Deutscher Sportbund).
Wolker died during a holiday in Italy on 17 July 1955 and was buried next to Carl Mosterts at the North Cemetery in Düsseldorf.
A detailed biography can be found in the portal Rheinische Geschichte (German).

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