God and the World – Have you heard about Carl Mosterts?

There is memorial plaque at Stiftsplatz in the old town and a square has his name: Carl Mosterts. But who was this man and why is he mentioned here in connection with #himmelsleuchten? Well, he was one of the important persons of the Catholic Church in Germany, even though many do not know him anymore.

Carl Mosterts was born in Goch in 1874 and as a child he moved with his parents to Düsseldorf. After graduating from school he studied theology, was ordinated priest in 1900 and began his ministry as chaplain at St. Maximilian-parish in Düsseldorf. In 1907 he became General Secretary of the Catholic Young Men’s Association of Germany (Katholischer Jungmännerverband Deutschlands – KJMVD). When the KJMVD-headquarter was founded 1908 in Düssseldorf he was released for this youth pastoral work. Carl Mosterts is thus the first professional youth chaplain of the Catholic Church in Germany.
In the following years Mosterts further built up KJMVD and in 1913 he became its General President. As the tasks grew the headquarter Jugendhaus Düsseldorf moved to Schadowstraße in 1916 and to Derendorferstraße in 1924 (today Carl-Mosterts-Platz). Sport had been an important part of the work of the KJMVD for years. In 1920 the DJK-Sportverband (Catholic Sport Association) was founded and Mosterts became the first chairman.
Mosterts died during a holiday in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1926. His grave is located at Düsseldorf’s Nordfriedhof (North Cemetery).

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