God and the World – Düsseldorf, the Divine Word Missionaries and the Seven Sisters

The German Catholic aid organization missio places the „Seven Sisters“ at the center of its campaign for World Mission Day 2019. Sophie and Maria Wego from Düsseldorf are in close contact with these seven Indian states and support the work of the Divine Word Missionaries in these states.
Since the founding of the Niclas Stiftung in 2006 they have been supporting the construction of schools in the region. The schools in Kamranga (Tripura) and Seppa (Arunachal Pradesh) ) are finished and financially secure. Especially children of poor families and disadvantaged tribes get the opportunity to go to school. Since the ways from home to school are far a hostel belongs to the school, too.
This is also the case with the new school project in Khumulwng (Tripura) which was started at the request of many parents. They are illiterate and want a school for their children for years. In the Divine Word Missionary P. Valentine Dung Dung SVD they have now found someone who is committed to building a school with them. Soon the construction of the first four classrooms will begin. Part of the costs will be provided by the local people through work and building materials. For the other part the Niclas Foundation is collecting „start-up building blocks“ worth 25 €. Would you like to help? Your help for the school in Khumulwng



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