God and the World – What does SVD mean?

In German there is a humorous interpretation of the abbreviation of the Divine Word Missionaries SVD (Societas Verbi Divini): Sie vertreiben Drucksachen – They sell print media. This shows that the media apostolate of the German SVD is deeply rooted and has a long tradition. In Germany the family magazine „Stadtgottes“ and the calender „Michaelskalender“ have accompanied generations through the year. Many have grown up with the children’s magazines „Picco“ and „Weite Welt“, and the youth magazine „17“ is still remembered by many. Even if the children’s and youth magazines no longer appear the SVD publications remain vivid. Last year a magazine for Advent and Christmas was published which could be bought in every kiosk. A few days ago the magazine „Klosterwelten“ (world of monasteries) came onto the market. Times and target groups are changing but „They sell print media“ still applies. This is entirely in the spirit of the founder, St. Arnold Janssen, for whom this was an important way of proclaiming the Word of God.
You can find out more on the websites of the German SVD: steyler-mission.de and steyler.eu.

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