God and the World – Catholics and Sports

DJK TuSA 06 or DJK Agon 08 – many people in Düsseldorf know these sports clubs. But why is this mentioned in this blog under #himmelsleuchten? Quite simple: These clubs belong to DJK-Sportverband, the catholic sports association for popular and competitive sports. It was founded in 16 September 1920 in Würzburg and today the headquarter is in Langenfeld but Jugendhaus Düsseldorf was its home from 1920 to 2013. The DJK-Sportverband developed from Katholischer Jungmännerverband Deutschlands (German Catholic Association of Young Men) with Jugendhaus Düsseldorf as headquarter. After the Second World War the sports association for boys developed into the sports association as it is today. You can find out more about the history on the website of the DJK-Sportverband (only in German) or by visiting the archive of Jugendhaus Düsseldorf.

Photo: Archiv des Jugendhauses Düsseldorf


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