God and the World – World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Today, on the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, it is worth pointing out that cities are not just concrete and stone deserts. This can be seen in many places in Düsseldorf. Theres are plants and flowers and you can harvest in public spaces. Here is an example from the wedding meadow in the water protection area in the city district Gerresheim.
By the way: The #himmelsleuchten backpack was also used for the apple harvest.

God and the World – Visitors from Rome and Sankt Augustin

Today Fr. Stanislaus Thanuzraj Lazar, General Mission Secretary of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) in Rome, and Fr. Xavier Alangaram, Mission Secretary of SVD Germany in Sankt Augustin, made a short visit to SVD-Partner in Düsseldorf. They talked about „God and the World“: SVD lay partners, their international newsletter and of course about #himmelsleuchten.
Thank you for your visit!

God and the World – Time of Rest

In the #himmelsleuchten-program one could read: Explore the neo-Gothic church St. Maria unter dem Kreuz on the evening of August 24th and search for individual experiences of God. This arouse my curiosity and so I started to the city district of Unterrath.
Heartly welcomed by a lady at the church door and equipped with a candle and a small plan I felt at once: I am welcome. Everything was prepared for the guests: Candles everywhere, books to read about mysticism, soft music, drinks and bread, niches of silence and contemplation and above all people with whom I could get into conversation. The visit was a good time of rest after a busy working week. To all who made this possible: Thank you very much!


God and the World – himmelsleuchten since 1642: Kevelaer

There are many places of pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary in Germany but for the people in Düsseldorf Kevelaer is not only one of the next but also one of the dearest. Since 1642 people have been on pilgrimage to „Mary, Comfortress of the Afflicted“ on the Lower Rhine. In addition to many private pilgrimages there are also large groups such as the parish of the Holy Trinity in Düsseldorf (22 September 2019). Here some impressions from a private pilgrimage yesterday.

God and the World – Making of SVDLP Newsletter Or …

…  How Volunteers Make an International Newsletter
One editorial office, six offices in Asia, Africa, America and Europe and many, many reporters on all five continents – these are the details that are good for an advertising folder. Although the newsletter of the lay groups of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) does not need advertising, the SVDLP-Newsletter is definitely worth a report during #himmelsleuchten – not least because an editorial desk is located in Düsseldorf.
Everything started small even if the goal was big: the SVD lay groups (SVDLP) should get to know each other better and learn more about their work and initiatives. Three people were responsible for the first newsletter starting in 2016. This meant a lot of work on few shoulders as the newsletter is bilingual (English, Spanish).
The work grew quickly and so did their own aspirations. Therefore a six-member editorial team was built in 2018. The editorial team is: Editor-in-Chief Susan Noronha (India), Matilda Anim-Fofie (Ghana), Laura Inés Díez Bilbao (Spain), Giannini Sahagun Becerra (Mexico), Fabian Pagaduan (The Philippines) and Sophie Wego (Germany). The teamwork is easy for everyone because they know each other personally since an international workshop of the SVD laypartners in Italian Nemi in autumn 2017.
Until the newsletter can be published numerous e-mails must be written and arrangements made, reports submitted and translated, photos searched and found. In order for volunteer work to work well everyone has to stick to deadlines and pull together. „The teamwork is very enriching“, says editor-in-chief Susan Noronha and emphasizes: „It is the joint effort of the group to work together as a team for the common cause and mission“.
Oh yes, and in Düsseldorf the newsletters are compiled from the many editorial contributions.


God and the World – Monday Prayer connects

SVD-Partner, the lay partners of the Divine Word Missionaries in Germany (SVD), live in different places in Germany. Each one works in his or her home place. The modern communication medias make help to stay in contact at all times. But it is also important to be spiritually connected, to have a time in which the group comes together. For this, the SVD-Partner have a prayer of their own: the Monday Prayer. It consists of three parts: the prologue of the Gospel of John, which is of special importance for the spirituality of the SVD, the Quarter Hour Prayer and a blessing prayer. The decision fell on Monday, since Monday is regarded as the day of the Holy Spirit and this was particularly important to the founder of the Order, St. Arnold Janssen.

God and the World – Have you heard about Carl Mosterts?

There is memorial plaque at Stiftsplatz in the old town and a square has his name: Carl Mosterts. But who was this man and why is he mentioned here in connection with #himmelsleuchten? Well, he was one of the important persons of the Catholic Church in Germany, even though many do not know him anymore.

Carl Mosterts was born in Goch in 1874 and as a child he moved with his parents to Düsseldorf. After graduating from school he studied theology, was ordinated priest in 1900 and began his ministry as chaplain at St. Maximilian-parish in Düsseldorf. In 1907 he became General Secretary of the Catholic Young Men’s Association of Germany (Katholischer Jungmännerverband Deutschlands – KJMVD). When the KJMVD-headquarter was founded 1908 in Düssseldorf he was released for this youth pastoral work. Carl Mosterts is thus the first professional youth chaplain of the Catholic Church in Germany.
In the following years Mosterts further built up KJMVD and in 1913 he became its General President. As the tasks grew the headquarter Jugendhaus Düsseldorf moved to Schadowstraße in 1916 and to Derendorferstraße in 1924 (today Carl-Mosterts-Platz). Sport had been an important part of the work of the KJMVD for years. In 1920 the DJK-Sportverband (Catholic Sport Association) was founded and Mosterts became the first chairman.
Mosterts died during a holiday in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1926. His grave is located at Düsseldorf’s Nordfriedhof (North Cemetery).

God and the World – Backpack the travellor

#himmelsleuchten-backpacks are on their way not even in Düsseldorf but on many other places in the world. It is told that one has been seen in the near of Berlin, one had been in Veria and Kastoria (Greece) and another in Mumbai (India). We hope to get reports soon.

Backpacks in Mumbai and in Kastoria, Veria and Aiani (Greece).