God and the World – Pilgrimage and Motorhome

Motorhomes are very popular in Germany. From 25 to 28 July 2019 motorhome enthusiasts can go to Goch and join the Arnold-Janssen motorhome pilgrimage.
Goch on the Lower Rhine is the birthplace of St. Arnold Janssen, founder of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD). This year the town welcomes pilgrims with their motorhomes for the 11th time. The programme includes services in Goch and a pilgrimage to Steyl, founding place of SVD.
Take a look at the video on the website to get an impression.


God and the World – A Funfair and a Saint

Many Divine Word Missionaires know Düsseldorf. To be exactly: They know Düsseldorf Airport because it is the nearest airport to go on to Steyl. You can get many information about the city in the web. I will not repeat this here but I will tell you a little bit more about catholic Düsseldorf.

A Funfair and a Saint
Today the biggest funfair on the Rhine will start. Every year in July around 1,000,000 people come and have a good time. But why is this event in July?
Düsseldorf’s parton saint is St. Apollinaris, Bishop of Ravenna (+ around 150). His feast day is celebrated on 20th July. It is an old tradtion to have a market and a fair on the patron saint’s day all over Germany. Over the years the funfair in Düsseldorf became bigger and bigger and the feast is celebrated a whole week. But many know the reason for it no more.
Of course the catholic church doesn’t remain silent and celebrates the saint. The whole week is filled with prayer and processions and an Apollinaris‘ candle burns in all churches and chapels. So everybody should know: Without our patron saint St. Apollinairs no funfair.

God and the World – Backpack on the road

Now they are on the road for a few days: #himmelsleuchten backpacks are on their way to Brandenburg, west across the Atlantic and the other direction to Asia. The recipients will report their experience with their backpacks and of course we have packed something into. We are looking forward to the first reports!

God and the World – himmelsleuchten since 1797

Since 1797 the pilgrimage to St. Rochus has been on the program of the people in city district Lohausen. They asked the saint for help with a cattle disease and promised to walk the around seven kilometres each year on Sunday after the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul. Generation after generation has kept this promise. Today, after more than 200 years later, they got up early and had Holy Mass in St. Rochus at 8 a.m .
Little attention is paid to this pilgrimage. But by doing this year after year people testify to their faith – and they are a himmelsleuchten.

On the way to St. Rochus early in the morning on 30 June 2019 – The great candle for St. Rochus is carried the whole way

God and the World – Look up at the sky …

… the earth is beautiful“ – under this motto the catholic church of the city districts Benrath and Urdenbach welcomed guests in the park of Benrath Palace on Friday afternoon. In German there is only one word for sky and heaven: Himmel. You can decide yourself what was meant: to look up at the sky or to look up at heaven …
In the wonderful atmosphere of the park and well entertained, it was easy to get into conversation with nice people. A big thank you to everyone for the good time I was able to spend there.

God and the World – himmelsleuchten

No, I haven’t forgotten the hashtag because there are also moments that don’t belong to the program of the campaign #himmelsleuchten but are a himmelsleuchten, a heaven glow. This morning I was allowed to experience such a heaven glow.
First of all for all who don’t live in Germany: It is currently hot in summer. The plants in the streets of the city suffer from the heat. This morning I saw a homeless man you can always meet on this part of the street. Many know him and often they buy him a cup of coffee at the nearby bakery. This morning he was working under a tree in a crouched posture. As I approached I saw that he had a bottle of water in his hands and was watering the small flowers that had been planted around the tree. He did this very carefully and concentrated. A beautiful scene, a himmelsleuchten!

God and the World – About Düssel-Post

Düssel is a small river of only about 40 kilometres. Between spring and mouth the little river meanders through a world-famous valley: Neanderthal. People settle at the river’s mouth on the banks of the river Rhine since about 1800 B.C. But Düsseldorf was still a village when it got city rights in 1288. And this is what the name means: village upon Düssel.
But history or the city are not the reason why I gave this blog the name „Düssel-Post“. It is simply because I live near the Düssel and send my reports from the banks of this small river.

Photos: Düssel in my neighbourhood

God and the World – Introduced: SVD-Partner Germany

Mission house St. Michael in Steyl

Under „God and the World“ SVD-Partner in Düsseldorf report during the campaign #himmelsleuchten. The lay partners of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) are now be briefly introduced here.

SVD-Partner Germany are part of a family: Divine Word Missionaries (SVD), Missionary Sisters, the Adoration Sisters, numerous groups associated by the Divine Word Missionaries and groups of friends and partners. The dwell of this diverse commitment is the founder, St. Arnold Janssen, and the founding generation.
SVD-Partner are an associated group of SVD Germany and one of many groups in the world that participate spiritually in a special in the life of the SVD.

Who we are – We are people like you and me. Our biographies and way of life are very different but we have one in common: the spirituality of the Divine Word Missionaries strengthens our faith and determine our behaviour.
What we want – Bringing the Gospel to everybody, being a fellow for the discriminated, working for peace and protecting the environment are our main targets.
Our inspiration – Living christian faith in community, supported and accompanied by the group strengthens each member. Prayer, meetings and religious excercises unites our group. Every monday we read the prologue of the gospel of Saint John, a prayer of blessing and quarter hour prayer by Saint Arndold Janssen.
Welcome – You want to know more? Please contact us.