Gott und die Welt – Adventkalender / God and the World – Advent Calender

Vom 1. bis 24. Dezember finden Sie auf Düssel-Post einen Adventkalender. Jeden Tag wollen wir Menschen und ihre Arbeit vorstellen, die in Düsseldorf und weltweit ein himmelsleuchten sind. Jeweils um 10 Uhr öffnen wir das neue Türchen.

From 1 to 24 December you will find an Advent calendar on Düssel-Post. Every day we want to report about people and their work who are himmelsleuchten in Düsseldorf and worldwide. We will open the new door at 10 a.m. each day.

God and the World – World Day of the Poor

Tomorrow is the World Day of the Poor. The SVD-Partners invite everybody to pray and form an international Prayer Bridge.
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God, you are the hope of the poor.
I want to be a messenger of hope and
eat my bread with them
share my coat with them
sing songs of sorrow and songs of praise with them
suffer in sickness with them
build huts with them
discover new ways with them
hope for you with them.
God, let me be your messenger! Amen.

God and the World – Rosaries for Stella Maris

Perhaps you have seen some articles in German dealing rosaries. Here I will tell you what they are about.

The catholic mission for seafarers Stella Maris in Hamburg collects rosaries to give them to seafarers. In cooperation with the Daughters of Saint Paul SVD-Partner have asked people in Düsseldorf to give unused rosaries for Stella Maris.
Up to now many have brought rosaries so two packages have already been sent to Hamburg. The collecting box will be in the sisters‘ bookshop till the end of the year.
Everybody likes the idea that the rosary is no longer somewhere in a box but in a seafarer’s praying hand somewhere on the ocean.

Welttag der Armen – World Day of the Poor – Novena

Beten Sie mit Menschen weltweit
Gebetsbrücke zum Welttag der Armen – 17 November 2019
Novene 8.-16. November 2019

Pray with people around the world
Prayer Bridge on World Day of the Poor – 17 November 2019
Novena 8-16 November 2019


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God and the World – KÖBs in Düsseldorf

Today is the feast of St. Karl Borromäus, the patron of the Catholic Public Libraries (Katholische öffentliche Bücherei KÖB). There are 25 libraries in Düsseldorf and today is their name day, so to speak. It is a good time to mention the many volunteers who are there for many little and grownup bookworms in Düsseldorf. Thank you and good that you are present!

God and the World – The Old Name Day Cup and Its History

At the beginning of the last century memory cups were very fashionable. They were used on Name Day, First Holy Communion, … on practically every occasion in life.
The cup on the card is from my grandfather and was given to him by his little daughter at his name day in 1919. Not only did he hold it in high esteem, but he also used it regularly, not only on his name day, November 3rd, the feast day of St. Hubertus. It withstood the bombing raids during the Second World War and then moved with him to my parents‘ new apartment. As always, it was also his breakfast cup there. For me as a small child, the greatest thing was to have breakfast with him. The best thing about it, of course, was the pampering by Grandpa. Since he could no longer bite the crust of the bread, he cut it off and soaked it in the coffee – of course in this cup. And he also cut off the crust of my bread and soaked it in his cup. What grandpa ate also tasted much better than what I got myself. Mother of course saw it differently, I should chew properly, with the young, strong teeth.

For me are many beautiful memories associated with this cup and today it stands on a place of honour in my kitchen.

God and the world – Ansgar, the smiling missionary

In front of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Hamburg a figure of St. Ansgar is placed (9th century*). The figure, about the height of a man, shows the first bishop of Hamburg in his monk’s clothes holding a cross in his hands. The way he does it reminds on the one hand of a pilgrim’s staff and on the other hand of Ansgars‘s commitment to the Christian faith as an offer to the spectator. Ansgar is on the move; he crosses the square but he does not come from the church building and he does not go to it. The church building is on his way, prominent and important, but it is not the place he wants to go to. Rather he wants to meet the people who walk across the square. He does this – and this touched me the most – with a smile: Ansgar, the missionary who brings the Good News to the people with joy.

*The sculpture was created by Karlheinz Oswald and is a gift from the diocese of Mainz to the archdiocese of Hamburg.